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This was such a fun spin on the Asteroids concept - having to dodge the asteroids without any bullets to defend myself was all kinds of challenging. I couldn't get past difficulty 1, but you can bet I'm gonna keep trying for it.

The graphics were super faithful to the 80's feel, and they made for some really charming character designs! Extra kudos that Alice and Bonnie had completely different body types, and you communicated so much of their individual personalities in such a short span of time. I would have loved to see more story to it, but I know you guys were racing the clock, and what you produced in the jam's time constraint was fantastic.

I didn't see anything requesting no let's plays, so I spat out a quick (difficulty 1 lol) playthrough, but I'm happy to take it down if you'd like me to. I hope you enjoy!

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Your review made my day. Or my week! Thanks!!

If anyone else has lag troubles, try using the downloadable version instead of the web version. Or use a lower difficulty level (which will reduce the lag because the map is smaller).