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Wow! Crazy concept and very funny using of the microphone!

Bless UkieKooki for this lovely review

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Omg! The concept is brilliant! But now my neighbors think that I'm crazy


Thanks Zackk! I'm really glad you liked it. They probably would think that regardless.

Same here...

Hi. OH MY, can I just say HOW MUCH I enjoyed this game? I don't even know what I like about it. Well, I kind of do actually...Shan!! Obviously! He's so amazing, so fabulous, funny, etc. Also I like the idea with using your voice. It's interesting and funny to mess with.The whole atmosphere was so nice. And relaxing music. Aw ^_^ Also I'm kind of curious was there any possibility to lure that cute sailor with a mop? Oh he was immune to our charms? :) Anyway, once again, cool game, hope you'll make it even cooler somehow seeing as it's in development ^_^ ps btw if what I kind of made a let's play on it at the beginning of this video ^_^


The four of us really enjoyed watching your review! Thanks! Nope, you can't charm the one with a mop. Maybe he's straight? As far as development goes, we are planning to add a second (underwater) level.

Aw, I'm really glad to hear it ^_^ You're welcome :) Aw, bummer...but okay xD OH! That sounds wonderful. I'll be waiting :)



Yeah, I already checked it. The art style of the underground level is different. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just different. Also new level is more gore with teared body parts etc. I like it xD AND I really liked that you added a lot of new afterwords. Some of them have sexy innuendos, but I like them nevertheless xD